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One of the scariest traveling situations in Solana Beach is being stuck in the middle of nowhere while having car troubles, especially if you don't have anyone to help you. Luckily, Towing Solana Beach is just one phone call away. We offer several roadside assistance services, so you can get back on the road in no time. Here are just a few that we have to offer:

Dead Batteries

A dead car battery requires a jump-start from another person's car to get it going. But, it is dangerous to ask strangers that you don't know to help you. Sometimes, rude passersby won't stop anyways. And besides this, if a car battery gets jump-started the wrong way, it can cause damage to the car's electrical system and possibly shock someone from the high voltage. It is much safer and convenient to call the professionals for this job.

Flat Tires

If you run over a stray nail or sharp object on the highway, you can easily get a flat tire. While some people can change their own tires, this isn't always possible because of health conditions, loss of strength, or simply not having the proper tools and equipment to do the job. On top of this, there is also the concern that if a tire isn't put on correctly, a person could have vehicle damage or even an accident if it comes off. We can quickly put on spare tires on almost any vehicle, so you don't have to.

Empty Gas Tank

When a person runs out of gas in Solana Beach, they might have to walk for several miles to get to the nearest gas station. If you happen to have a gas container with you, and you don't mind the exercise, this might seem fine. But what if it is dark and raining outside? With our 24-hour a day roadside assistance service, we can bring you gas and even stay with you to make sure your vehicle starts back up afterwards.


We can tow your vehicle to an automotive repair shop right away if you have a car accident or engine troubles that leave you stranded. We offer both long and short distance towing, and we can give you a ride back to your house afterwards. It doesn't matter what type of vehicle that you are driving either. We handle them all, including motorcycles.

Besides these great services, we also do some types of automotive repairs and locksmith
services too. We handle most types of roadside emergencies. So remember, the next time
you need roadside services, give Towing Solana Beach a call!